The Dice Game Kit!

-EASY! - you just follow the instructions for the game and let your guests keep the party moving
-FUN! (The #1 reason people book parties!) Shari demonstrates what to say and how to say it to keep the party fun.
-Interactive - the guests do most of the work for you!
-Effective - it really works! It’s been proven personally and also in many different companies, all with different products and programs yet, ALL with excellent results!
Average to Excellence Party Cards!

-Easy and Fun! The number 1 reason people book parties!
-Interactive! The guests do the work!
-Efficient! Keeps the party focused
-MOST IMPORTANTLY- an easily, duplicatable “party system” that demonstrates to the guests how easy this business can be, making it a very effective booking and sponsoring tool!
Pick-A-Party Theme Binder!

The number 1 reason that people book parties is to have fun! What better way to have a “fun” party than to have a theme party? You’ll also find you have higher attendance at theme parties. The Pick-A-Party theme binder gives your guests 39 theme party ideas!